¾" Cast Iron Radiator Valves

These ¾" valves will fit on any style of radiator with the correct sizes of pipework - style-wise we have chosen them as being particularly suited to cast iron radiators.

They will connect to 22mm central heating system pipes and ¾" radiator inlets. You may need these if your central heating system is older as 15mm tends to be more popular now.

Whether you are going for a simpler or a very traditional vintage look there are a range of styles to choose from:

  • Finish: Chrome, pewter, Old English Brass, unfinished brass which can be left to age and pewter.
  • Tap head: Simple or ornate wheel head or lever-style.

The valves are also available as either a manual or TRV. Manual valves require you to adjust the valves as required. TRVs, or thermostatic radiator valves, allow you set a desired temperature. The valve then automatically adjusts to maintain this temperature. TRVs are much more convenient and will save you money.

Our range has been picked to suit a range of styles, function requirements (manual / TRVs) and budgets.

The ¾" manual and ¾" TRV Abbey range (identified by the ‘ABB’ code above the product pictures below) are ‘multifit’ valves. They come compatible with 15mm central heating pipes but an adapter will allow them to connect to 22mm pipework.

Next working day delivery is available as is free delivery (on orders over £100). Each valve comes with a generous manufacturer’s warranty. Construction methods and materials used mean these are very robust valves but for added peace of mind we also provide a 14 day money back guarantee.

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