The Parisian Radiator from Arroll

Arroll’s Parisian range of cast iron radiators are very ornate, highly decorative and come in two models: a low profile 2 column version and a taller 3 column version. By using different combinations of width, the same heat output can be achieved with both radiators.

The Parisian radiators are one of the most detailed in terms of decorations. They are a very distinctive radiator and will definitely make an impact - they are perfect for achieving an antique or vintage feel.

As well as the range of widths, they are also available in a range of Arroll approved colours and finishes so you can get the exact look you need. They come complete with feet but we would recommend using wall stays in order to add some extra stability to these heavy radiators.

The Parisian range, as with all Arroll radiators, come with a 15 year warranty but for added peace of mind we also offer a no-fuss 14 day money back guarantee. Delivery times may vary depending on the options chosen, (for example colour and finish). Please contact us for delivery times.


Highly ornate, the Arroll Parisian cast iron radiator has a unique pattern running up its columns and sides. With beautiful decorative scrolls, this radiator is luxurious and elegant. It's the epitome of late 17th century French style, looking stunning in both period and contemporary properties.

The Parisian is available in an extensive range of classic and contemporary RAL paint colours to complement your decorating palette effortlessly. The special paint finish is the ideal choice for the Parisian, highlighting the elaborate pattern beautifully.

Arroll offer two burnished finishes for the Parisian radiator, silver or gold. The silver burnish is created by using a black base coat, the raised pattern detailing is then burnished to a bright finish, creating contrast. The gold burnish is achieved by highlighting the raised pattern with gold colour paint.

The polished and aged finishes can also be used on the Parisian radiator to highlight the ornate pattern effectively.

We stock a range of accessories for the Arroll Parisian radiator, including Fernox products which will help to keep the radiator in good working order. Our accessory range also included pipe shrouds, sleeve kits, wall stays, radiator tail extensions, adapters, reducers and auto by-pass valves.

All of our accessories will enable you to fit and use the radiator in renovations and contemporary properties alike. The Parisian is available in two heights, a low profile 2 column and a taller 3 column.

Assembled in Britain, the Parisian cast iron radiator by Arroll comes with a 15 year warranty.

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