Arroll Radiators

Arroll are masters of iron work and their cast iron radiators definitely reflect their expertise. From the very ornate Monmartre, Art Nouveau, Cherub, Daisy and, Parisian to the clean lines of the Neo Classic, Victorian, Princess and, Prince there is a range to suit any taste or décor. Prices start at just £47.66 so there is also a range to suit any budget.

Arroll’s cast iron radiators are understandably robust and are made to last, however for added peace of mind we supply them with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Cast iron radiators are very effective at distributing heat. The range of sizes and shapes mean they will comfortably heat most spaces - please get in touch if you have any questions about what size of radiator you need.

In some cases we also recommend using wall stays (in addition to the radiator feet that are provided). These stays add extra stability to your radiators and may prevent any accidental damage to your home or radiators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a primer finish?

A primer finish is a protective layer that cast iron radiators are coated with at the time of manufacturing. Primer will not provide a sealed surface as that is not what it is designed to do. Primer finish is designed as a base gripping coat to be painted over - this should not be treated as a finished coating.

Water based paints are not usually compatible unless there is a good covering of the recommended primer that the paint manufacturer advises. Although unusual, Oxide can appear on a primed radiator when exposed to air or moisture - again this is due to the radiator only having a flash coat and not being sealed with an appropriate metal paint.

While not common place some people do leave radiators in their primer finishes once installed. Arroll radiators are finished in a black primer as standard.

What paint colours can I choose from?

Arroll allow you to choose any RAL paint finish you desire. When ordering a RAL paint finish option and we will contact you to confirm your choice. As a loose guide we have supplied a few examples below, you can see a more detailed list of finishes at
Please be aware that metallic and pearl RAL colours are very hard to depict on a monitor or in print, you should obtain an accurate paint sample of any RAL finish you intend to use.

Classic Colours
RAL 1001 BeigeRAL 3002 Carmine redRAL 3014 Antique PinkRAL 4002 Red VioletRAL 5013 Cobalt BlueRAL 6004 Blue GreenRAL 7005 Mouse GreyRAL 8008 Olive Brown
Modern Colours
RAL 1028 Melon YellowRAL 2002 VermilionRAL 3005 Wine RedRAL 8016 Mahogany BrownRAL 4006 Traffic purpleRAL 5005 Signal BlueRAL 6025 Fern GreenRAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
Contemporary Colours
RAL 1006 Maize YellowRAL 2009 Traffic OrangeRAL 3011 Brown RedRAL 4008 Signal VioletRAL 5002 Ultramarine BlueRAL 6032 Signal GreenRAL 7008 Khaki GreyRAL 8019 Grey Brown

You offer burnish finishes, what are they?

Arroll offer two burnish finishes, silver and gold. The silver burnish is a black base colour with any raised sections, such as the orante scroll work found on a Art Nouveau, polished to a bright finish. This is then lacquered to preserve this effect without needing to oil/maintain it. The gold burnish highlights the raised sections with gold paint. Below are some sample images.

What exactly is a polish finish?

A polished finish means that rather than having a painted finish the radiator is polished back to bare metal. It is a clever way to add contrast to finely detailed radiators by accentuating raised sections with a brighter polish. Arroll very sensibly lacquer coat their polished radiators to prevent oxidisation. This means that it does not require regular oiling to maintain a rust free look. Below are some images to represent a polished finish.

You offer a Special Paint finish, what is that?

The special paint service is a dual paint finish. It's effect is more noticable on radiators with an ornate style, although it still provides a subtle effect on the plainer styles. The effect is achieved by applying a base colour to the radiator which is allowed to cure; a secondary coat is applied, normally in a dark or light colour, and then this is washed off. The resulting finish has a strong presence of the base colour and parts where there are deeper crevices have stronger hints of the secondary colour. It is possible to specify both colours, although the resulting effect can often be different to desired finish and so expectations should be kept realistic. Below are some images of previously requested versions of this finish.
Old Penny Bronze effect

You offer an Aged Paint finish, what is that?

The aged selection of paint finishes are simply the three most popular special paint finishes. We've negotiated a bigger discount on Aged French Grey, Aged Bronze and Aged Silver finishes due to their popularity and are pleased to pass this saving on to you.
Aged Bronze effectAged Bronze effectAged Silver effectAged French Grey effect

I heard that polished radiators can rust, what do I need to do to prevent this?

Arroll provide their polished radiators with a full lacquer coating to prevent any oxidisation, thus the need for regular oiling and maintenance is eliminated.

What is a joining key and will I need one?

Joining keys are required if the overall radiator length would overhang a standard pallet. In this case the radiator will be built into smaller, more manageable segements that will fit on a pallet.

The joining key can be used to join these smaller segments into the overall radiator. All required parts for joining will be supplied, such as caps, bushes and gaskets. We advise that joining radiators, where required, is carried out by a qualified installer.

Arroll supply a non-refundable joining key for their radiators. When ordering a radiator, we will offer you the option of a joining key if it is required. We will ensure you do not order more joining keys than are required.

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