Byron Radiator Valves

Very attractive, very traditional and very well priced. These tend to be the valve of choice for our style-conscious customers. They are an elegant complement for traditional radiators and are commonly bought alongside our cast iron radiators - a perfect combination of style and function.

They feature a durable brass body with a wooden tap valve head. The body is available in a chrome, satin brushed nickel, polished brass, or regular nickel finish. All are also supplied with a matching sleeve kit. The sleeve kit allows you to cover the copper pipework of your central heating system to match the valves.

To add to their versatility, we also have optional reducers and adapters which allow you to fit the valves to either differently sized radiator inlet pipes or differently sized central heating pipework.

The Byron valves also feature a frost protection feature which makes sure they function at their optimum level regardless of the outside temperature.

We supply these valves with a 2 week money back guarantee and a 6 year manufacturer’s warranty. Next day delivery is available - free if your order value is over £100 inc VAT.

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