Carron Duchess Cast Iron Radiators

The Duchess range has a simple, fresh and clean design with gentle top and bottom curves and rounded columns - a very organic shape. The simple design make them more suited to homes with a contemporary look but they could also look great in a traditional setting.

The range consists of a taller 2 column version and a shorter 4 column version. The same heat output can be achieved with combinations of width (sections) and column number (i.e. a wide 2 column radiator will have similar output to a narrower 4 column radiator) - it all depends on the space you have, the radiators are very versatile.

It is a great time to buy especially when you consider what our price includes:

  • a great lifetime warranty (with proper care, these radiators will last a lifetime).
  • A 14 day money back guarantee.
  • A choice of width.
  • A choice of finish.
  • A Quick delivery (exact time depends on size and finish).


A modern classic style the Duchess cast iron radiators will make a feature in both traditional and modern homes. With a gentle curved top and bottom on the rounded columns the Duchess has a plain design, allowing it to fit unobtrusively in any room.

Duchess cast iron radiators are available in two distinctive styles. The 2 column has a sleek, taller design that's perfect for hallways and living areas. The 4 column is shorter, with a squat, sturdy design that would look stunning in industrial loft-style contemporary homes as well as traditional homes with smaller rooms and living spaces.

These stylish radiators are available in a wide range of RAL paint colours, making them easy to customise to suit the colour of your décor and room's colour scheme. They are also available in a range of finishes, including highlight and antiqued effects and also a hand-burnished finish.

Whichever of the beautiful finishes or paint colours you choose you can rest assured that the Duchess radiators will stand graciously and elegantly. Heating your home in restrained, subdued style these cast iron radiators will complement the ambience of your home effortlessly.

To further enhance the overall appearance of the Duchess radiators we have pipe sleeve kits which cover copper pipework, to complement your colour choice.

All of our Duchess cast iron radiators come with a great lifetime warranty.

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