Carron Rococo Cast Iron Radiators

A design with heritage - One of the first designs of cast iron radiators, originating in France in the 1890s. It is an incredibly ornate radiator with elegant scalloped detailing across the top with an interwoven decoration spanning the height of each column. Perfect to give your home a joie de vivre!

We would obviously recommend this radiator be used in a traditional setting, in terms of décor, due to the very detailed and ornate design.

The range features a 1, 2 and 3 column version which means they can provide even heat distribution in a wide variety of room sizes. Couple this with the range of widths (sections) available and the versatility increases. In general, for radiators of the same width, use more columns for a bigger room - contact us for help choosing the right size radiator for your home.

The choice of finish provide an opportunity to make the radiators stand out even more or be more complementary to your current décor.

This range now comes with a great lifetime warranty - all you need for peace of mind.


Featuring an elegantly contoured top and an interwoven scrolling decoration the Rococo cast iron radiator is the epitome of the period's flamboyant, ornate style. The relief detailing wends its way from the centre to meet the scalloped top. Identical relief detailing is also featured from the bottom to the centre, leaving a plain band across the middle, producing a symmetrical appearance to the overall design.

This is a design with heritage, originating from France circa 1890, its ornate detailing is best suited to period homes, although its exuberance suits contemporary homes with a penchant for flamboyance, flair and exquisite decoration.

As the Carron Rococo radiator is no shrinking violet it needs to be given space to be a focal point in a room. It's available in a wide range of RAL paint colours and finishes.

The highlight-effect finish is particularly suited to the Rococo design. This is look is achieved by a standard black paint being applied to the radiator, then selected parts, typically the highly ornate detailing, are polished to a bright finish. The end result is a stunning colour which emphasises the relief detailing beautifully.

The Rococo radiators are available in 3 sizes. The one column has a slim design which is ideal for hallways and smaller rooms, the two column is perfect for average sized rooms, while the three column is a great choice in above average size spaces.

To complement the colour and finish of the radiator we have a range of accessories available. All of the Carron Rococo radiators come with a great lifetime warranty.

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