Fernox Central Heating Care

Fernox develop and manufacture these well-known, and reliable, products to treat, clean and maintain your central heating system from the inside out. They are designed to save you money both on maintenance and your heating bills.

The TF1 Total Filter is a magnetic in-line filter which removes magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants. This keeps the water in your central heating system flowing smoothly and prevents cold spots resulting from clogs in your radiators. It also stops your central heating systemís heat exchange (how your boiler heats the water which heats your radiators) from getting clogged up ensuring it is working at full capacity. A clogged radiator or a clogged heat exchange wastes energy and your money - the heat being generated will not be distributed around your home.

Central heating protector MB-1 and F1 - protects against corrosion, limescale build-up and boiler noise. It also limits the need for frequent venting of radiators and gives your overall system a longer lifespan. F1 is a newer more concentrated version of MB-1.

Leak Sealer F4 - Seals weeping and/or inaccessible leaks and reduces the loss of pressure on a sealed system. Generally means that your system does not have to be emptied for repair.

H & R Scale Reducer - limits limescale build-up in your central heating system, in particular the heat exchange.

System Health Check - Identifies problems with your central heating system and provides suggested solutions.

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