Firenze Cast Iron Radiators

The Firenze range is a Turkish made period style cast iron radiator - perfect for a traditional setting. They come in a huge range of widths (you can add sections together as needed) and a choice of depth (choose from 4 and 6 columns). They can be tailor made to provide the necessary heat for any size room. The colour and finish options mean they can also match the room’s décor.

Primer only finish (if you would like to paint them yourself) are available within 3-5 working days. Please contact us for advice if you choose this option - we can recommend the correct paint and method to ensure you get a decent finish.

Pre-painted radiators are available within 20 working days. If you want a painted radiator we would always recommend this option - it is just easier and hassle free for you.

The whole range comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a primer finish?

A primer finish is a protective layer that cast iron radiators are coated with at the time of manufacuter. Different manufacturers use different colour primers but black, white and grey are the most popular choices. The primer layer not only protects the radiators from oxidisation but provide a good surface to subsequent paints to bond to. While not common place some people do leave radiators in their primer finishes once installed. Apollo Firenze radiators are finished in a silver white primer at no extra cost.

What metallic finishes do you offer?

Apollo offer the following metallic finishes. When ordering a Metallic or RAL paint finish option and we will contact you to confirm your choice.
Metallic BlackWhite AluminiumMetallic GreyMetallic BrownMetallic Bronze

What paint finishes can I choose from?

Apollo offer a selection of RAL paint finishes. When ordering a metallic or RAL paint finish option and we will contact you to confirm your choice.
Oyster whiteIvoryLight ivorySulphur yellowRape yellowTraffic yellowFlame redRuby redTraffic redSapphire blueBrilliant blueAzure blueGentian blueSteel blueCobalt blueNight bluePastel blueMoss greenPastel greenPale greenTraffic greenLight greenPine greenSilver greySignal greySlate greyAnthracite greyGraphite greyGranite greyPebble greyLight greyWindow greyTraffic grey ANut brownChocolate brownCreamSignal whiteSignal blackJet blackPure whiteTraffic white

What is a joining key and will I need one?

Joining keys are required if the overall radiator length would overhang a standard pallet. In this case the radiator will be built into smaller, more manageable segements that will fit on a pallet.

The joining key can be used to join these smaller segments into the overall radiator. All required parts for joining will be supplied, such as caps, bushes and gaskets. We advise that joining radiators, where required, is carried out by a qualified installer.

Apollo supply a non-refundable joining key for their radiators. When ordering a radiator, we will offer you the option of a joining key if it is required. We will ensure you do not order more joining keys than are required.

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