Georgian Own Brand Cast Iron Radiators

The Georgian Cast Iron Radiator features striking bars with a crisp edge, making it suited for all modern and period properties. Available in 6 column, 4 column and 2 column variants with many choices of heights, these cast radiators are sure to fit any room they are placed in.

Available in an array of paint colours and finishes, and supplied with a primer as standard, the Georgian radiator will bring a firm elegance to wherever you install it.

The Georgian can also be given an antique effect finish which is ideal for period homes and renovation projects. The polished finish is a good choice for modern and contemporary homes, complementing industrial and loft-style decorating motifs beautifully.

We stock a range of accessories for the Georgian radiator. Wall stays will provide stability and prevent the radiator from being accidentally knocked over. Pipe shrouds and sleeve kits are available in a range of colours to complement your chosen paint finish. Fernox products will help clean, care and maintain the radiator.

Assembled in Britain, the Georgian comes with a 10 year warranty. Wall tie and air vents are included with this stylish radiator.


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