Could You Live Off the Grid?

We’ve all had that fantasy after a hefty bill drops through your letter box; what it would be like to become completely self-sufficient, providing yourself with your own fuel, your own food and your own energy? Sounds great, right? It would certainly decrease your monthly bills but what about the comfort of central heating and other mod cons? So we ask the question, can you have both?

The answer is yes you can. But you will probably need to spend some money!

Advancements in micro-energy production mean that by using one or more of the methods listed in this piece, providing energy for a modern home has never been more achievable. A part of this will involve coupling your own energy production with energy efficient ways of heating your home.

Yet living off the grid requires more than simply providing your own energy. To really embrace off-the-grid living you will need to find your own water supply and produce and store as much food as possible.

Unless you’re planning to be a subsistence farmer, you may want to try using a greenhouse. Greenhouses are an excellent way to produce much needed food all year round. However, growing food is only half the battle. You will also need to store it ready for times of need. This is where your DIY skills could come in handy as the best way to store food could be to simply build your own root cellar.

While it may be unrealistic to use all of these methods. Adopting one or two of them would be a great way of becoming both more self-reliant and more environmentally friendly.
Could You Live Off The Grid infographic
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