Victorian Style In The Modern Home

A newly wealthy middle class in Victorian England led to a boom in home decoration. Just like many Victorian houses themselves, these ideas endure today. This infographic looks at how the Victorians set out their rooms and shows how you can use elements of this style to make your house look great.

Starting in the kitchen before considering both the bathroom and living spaces; we cover what the Victorians looked for in their rooms and how these ideas are still relevant in interior design today. One permanent truth is that there is no substitute for quality. So many of the tips we give for incorporating Victorian elements into your home centre on the types of high quality furnishings that still look great in a contemporary setting.

This is something that we are particualarly interested in, as cast iron radiators themselves couple functionality with a striking visual aesthetic in a truly Victorian way. This is why you will often see them used as part of period style renovations and in rooms with an otherwise modern look.
Victorian Style In The Modern Home infographic
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