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Slight Delays in Production Updated 19 February 2021

Due to the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic, along with an increased demand for our products, we are seeing some production delays. All our Cast Iron Radiators are hand built in a select few factories across the UK, all of these facilities are working under restricted practices to ensure the safety of staff.

Currently for Cast Iron Radiators we ask you to add 7 working days extra to our standard delivery times. We are confident that we still offer the fastest UK delivery for these bespoke products, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.
Should someone offer you delivery faster than us, proceed with caution, they are primed to let you down.

If you are looking for radiator valves or other cast iron accessories, our standard delivery times apply. Valves and accessories are held in our Portsmouth warehouse, with delivery generally 1 to 3 days across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Whilst it is a certainly a struggle to maintain our very high level of service, we are confident and committed to continuing to meet the expectations of our customers.

Currently, around 50% of our staff are working from home and all staff working in our offices and warehouse are working in a safe manner, in line with government guidance.

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