Arroll Peerless Cast Iron Radiators

The Peerless cast iron radiator by Arroll Cast Iron Radiators is a simplistic, plain radiator which features a very smooth design. This is a relatively narrow cast iron radiator, at only 125mm deep, making it perfect for use in hallways and other areas of your home where space may be a limitation.

Due to the radiator's flat profile, this is an ideal radiator to receive a single flat colour from one of Arroll's popular colour charts; alternatively choosing a polished finish to highlight the craftsmanship of cast iron, which is then protected with a clear lacquer top-coat, protecting the exposed cast iron for many years to come.

All Arroll cast iron radiators are built in the UK, and come with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

We recommend installing all Arroll cast iron radiators with traditional radiator valves, matching wall stays and sleeving kits - ensuring that your radiator looks great when fully installed.

No. Sections
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Watts (DT50C)
  • Price: 988.84
  • Price: 1,014.18
  • Price: 100.96
  • Price: 134.60
  • Price: 168.25
  • Price: 201.91
  • Price: 235.56
  • Price: 269.21
  • Price: 302.87
  • Price: 336.52
  • Price: 370.16
  • Price: 403.81