Arroll Art Deco 2 Column Cast Iron Radiators

Cast Iron Art Deco Radiator - 1920's 2 Column Radiators by Arroll

This Art Deco Radiator is a Cast Iron Radiator from Arroll Radiators that evokes the iconic style of the Roaring Twenties, with simple detailing featuring clean lines. Inspired by the architecture of the Jazz Age, the sleek sophistication of this beautiful cast iron radiator is particularly well-suited to 1920s style dcor. If this model is too wide for your installation, you might consider looking at the more narrow, 1 column Art Deco Radiator, also from Arroll.

The simple design looks outstanding in a burnish or special paint finish, both of which show off raised details and highlight the intricacies of the Arroll Art Deco Cast Iron Radiator. We also have a huge variety of paint shades to choose from, with the whole selection of RAL colours to blend into any homes colour palette, and Farrow and Ball historic paints for a period-style finish. For an authentic 1920s look, choose colours like black, gold, and silver to really bring out the feel of the Roaring Twenties.

As with all cast iron radiators, we recommend that the Arroll Art Deco Cast Iron Radiator is fitted with wall stays to ensure stability, and we have a selection of finishes to choose from. We also offer a range of radiator accessories to add the perfect finishing touch to this stunning radiator, including traditional radiator valves and matching pipe covers.