About Us

Cast Iron Radiators 4u is part of SMR Enterprises Ltd., a thriving company based in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Established in, and trading online since 2002, SMR has a wealth of experience in the bathroom and heating industry, supplying a wide range of trade and retail customers. We offer great products that we believe in and the aim to give the highest level of customer support and service.

Our original website (www.smrbathrooms.co.uk) went online in 2002 using dial-up, long before broadband became popular in the UK. The first products we offered were modern and traditional hand made heated towel rails, that were manufactured locally for us, here in the UK. This then expanded with ranges of bathroom taps, showers and furniture. This resulted in many types of radiators, radiator valves and radiator accessories being added to what is effectively a bathroom-themed website. In an effort to refocus SMR Bathrooms and to offer ease of shopping for our customers, our column radiators and cast iron radiators got their own dedicated sites (columnradiators4u.co.uk and castironradiators4u.co.uk, respectively), then later we added our dedicated radiator valve shop (radiatorvalves4u.co.uk), offering the widest range of radiator valves and accessories, in a straight forward, easy to use website, offering next day delivery on virtually every product. In June 2020, during an almost worldwide pandemic lockdown, we launched Radiators 4u (radiators4u.co.uk) bringing our extensive range of products to you via a new industry-leading e-commerce platform, for the best ever online customer experience.

Primary to us, from our humble beginnings to this very day, is to give a high level of customer service, treating customer how we would expect to be treated ourselves. Our customer reviews reflect our passion for offering the best products, with friendly advice and a great customer experience. As much as you try, things don't always happen exactly as you planned and it's the effort that is put into fixing issues that makes a company stand out from the crowd.

Fair Wage Employer

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We value our employees and the high level of service they bring to our customers. We aim to support all the staff that work at our company and a specific part of this policy is ensuring they are paid a fair wage.

We have a fun and friendly working environment, with support and regular one-to-one meetings to encourage their growth, alongside that of the company. Also, we believe it is only appropriate that everyone is paid a fair wage that they can afford to live on.

It is our policy to pay all employees, aged 23 and over, an annual salary in excess of that suggested by the Living Wage Foundation, who set a real world figure, above that of the governments 'national minimum wage'. For employees under 23, we pay a minimum of 5% above the governments 'national minimum wage'.

As a company we believe that online retail should be an easy, quick and positive experience for all people. We strive to offer the best products, with unsurpassed service, at the lowest prices possible and ensure that our customers are confident when they buy from us. If you feel we are missing a service, or if you think we could improve the way we do something, feel free to contact us with your suggestions.