When it comes to combining the best in eye-friendly design, energy-efficient use, and value-for-money durability, our range of Cromwell radiators is the top of the line. When these radiators were first manufactured in the 1880s, they were popular among homeowners for their beauty, durability and functionality and these qualities still make Cromwell heaters desirable today.

The simple yet sophisticated lines of a Cromwell radiator make it blend in well with modern or contemporary dcor, which explains its popularity in many urban homes. But its authentic 19th-century design also makes it just as suitable for period homes, even barns, where vintage fixtures are the order of the day.

Energy efficiency is assured as these radiators have been designed with modern heating standards in mind, thus, ensuring that home owners can enjoy the benefits of sufficient heat during cold weather. Range in sizes includes 3-section to 40-section radiators with BTUs ranging from 657 to 8,758.

Our Cromwell line of radiators are among the most durable in the industry. Cast iron is not just a durable material it is also an excellent material for modern radiators because of its higher conductive properties; the cast iron Cromwell radiators have the ability to keep the warm temperatures longer even when switched off, and distribute heat in a more even manner, among other benefits.

Cast Iron Radiators 4U stands behind its products and services including our Cromwell radiators for good reasons. Carron offer a great lifetime warranty on radiators, excellent after-sales services including technical support, along with UK delivery.