Cast Iron Radiators 4u Delivery Details

Mainland Delivery Time & Costs - By Range

Pallet Deliveries
Pallet deliveries are an all day delivery window. If delivery is missed you may be liable for a re-delivery charge.

All of our cast iron radiators have different delivery times based on the finishes that you select for your chosen radiators. Please see below for a breakdown based on the products and finish types. If you need any help, please contact us for assistance. All prices stated are inclusive of VAT.

Own Brand Cast Iron Radiators (Excluding Baroque Classique, Trinity, Napoleon, Art Deco, Libellula & Empire)

  • Delivery Times - 7 Working days for primer & metallic finishes, 14 working days for painted & highlight finishes, 21 working days for polished finishes.
  • Delivery Costs - Free delivery on all orders.

Own Brand Radiators - Art Deco, Libellula & Empire

  • Delivery Times - 7-21 Working days for all primer, paint & hand finished radiators, up to 42 working days for hand burnished & polished finishes.
  • Delivery Costs - Free delivery on orders 1,000 or over, or 72 on orders below 1,000.

Own Brand Radiators - Baroque Classique, Trinity & Napoleon

  • Delivery Times - 10-15 Working days for all finishes.
  • Delivery Costs - Standard delivery is 72 for all orders.

Edwardian Clearance Cast Iron Radiators

  • Delivery Times & Costs - Free standard 2-3 working day delivery. Express delivery is available at just 24, to make this 1 working day quicker (next working day if ordered by noon, 2 working days if later)

Victorian Clearance Cast Iron Radiators

  • Delivery Times - Free next working day delivery if ordered by 11AM, 2 working days if ordered after this time. For paint finishes, add 3 working days to your delivery time.

Carron Cast Iron Radiators

  • Delivery Times - 7-21 Working days for all primer, paint & hand finished radiators, up to 42 working days for hand burnished & polished finishes.
  • Delivery Costs - Free delivery on orders 1,000 or over, or 72 on orders below 1,000.

Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

  • Delivery Times - 14 Working days for primer finishes, 21 working days for all painted finishes and 28 working days for all polished finishes.
  • Delivery Costs 72 delivery on all orders

Radiator Valves & Accessories

  • Delivery Times - Next day delivery if ordered before 2PM, 2 working days if ordered after 2PM
  • Delivery Costs - Free next day delivery if you spend over 59 using code "FREEDEL", or 6.84 inc. VAT

Outlying Areas Delivery Time & Costs - By Range

Outlying Areas Delivery Schedules

  • Due to the nature of cast iron radiators, All outlying areas will be calculated on a per-order basis. We will contact you as part of our order confirmation process and make you aware of any extra costs that may be incurred.

Handling Your Cast Iron Radiator Delivery

All deliveries are kerbside deliveries. Our delivery companies will not be able to assist with the lifting of any cast iron radiators into your property. The radiators will arrive wrapped and/or strapped to a pallet to ensure their safety during transit. Please ensure that you take the time to inspect your radiator on delivery. For all own brand and Carron radiators, you have 24 hours to report any missing items or damages. For Arroll radiators, there is a 20 minute window in which you must report any issues to us.

With every radiator purchased from us, touch up paint will be included. The only exclusions to this are antiqued, highlight and polished finishes (Any radiator which is finished by hand). This is typically either wrapped to the pallet, attached to the pallet, wrapped to the radiator or attached to the radiator. Sometimes it will be in an envelope, other times the goods may be in a box. Radiators will come with some general instructions attached to them, often alongside this box.

Cast iron radiators are heavy! Against each radiator on our site we state the dry weight and the wet weight. The "dry weight" is the weight of the radiator when empty, this is the weight you need to handle at the time of delivery, when removing it from the pallet and moving it into position. The "wet weight" is the overall weight of the radiator once fitted and filled with water from your heating system. You will generally require two or more people to safely handle, move and position your radiators. We recommend that you have enough suitably able people on hand to take delivery of your order and to move the products into position.


When lifting your cast iron radiators off of the delivery pallet, you must manoeuvre the radiator from its laid flat position straight into an upright position. Avoid holding the radiators flat as this can put a strain on the gaskets between each joined section.


Never be tempted to lift a cast iron radiator on your own, or to drag it across any floor surface into position as this will result in strain on the water-tight seals and has the potential to cause leaks. Carrying cast iron radiators is made easier by preparing two very simple carry handles from some old wood, they shouldn't be any wider than shoulder width. Simply slide the wooden carry handles between the sections at each end of the radiator, bend those knees and lift! Be aware of the weight you are about to lift and always observe proper lifting and handling practices, ensuring health and safety measures are followed.

Joining Your Cast Iron Radiator

Cast iron radiators longer than 1200mm in length will be delivered in "blocks", this is simply due to the weight and size, so the sections can more easily be moved into buildings, around corners and up stairways. Once in position, the sectional blocks can be joined using the supplied nipples, gaskets and joining key.

Joining keys can be purchased with the radiator and most are returnable for a full refund.We recommend having the cast iron radiator in its destination room before the assembly. Ensure that the "blocks" of radiators are placed on a clean, flat & stable surface before attempting to join the radiator together.

Please view the PDF attached below for full radiator joining instructions.