The Rochester is a gorgeous example of cast iron design. It is ornately decorated with acanthus-style swirls and a scalloped top crowning each section. It is available in two low-level heights of 470mm and 570mm, perfect for anywhere that height may be restricted. These short radiators are ideal for fitting underneath windows. You can find a taller version of this radiator in our full range of Rochester cast iron radiators.

This highly embellished radiator is perfect for making a statement, and would be a beautiful complement to period-style homes. It looks stunning in any finish, and particularly impressive in our range of metallic finishes, which are available in just 7 days. To emphasise the intricate details, we offer a gorgeous highlight finish. Our antique finishes also bring out the craftsmanship on the surface of these beautiful decorative radiators.

We recommend all cast iron radiators are fitted with wall stays to ensure stability. We also offer a variety of radiator accessories including pipe sleeves, for the perfect finishing touch.