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Metallic Paint Cast Iron Radiators

Metallic Paint Cast Iron Radiators

A beautiful selection of Cast Iron Radiators available in Metallic Paint

Our metallic paint finishes give a slight lustre and the metallic flecks in the paint give a beautiful finish that glints like rare metals in different lights.

The metallic paint finish can provide you with a traditional or a more modern finish depending upon the shade chosen and the valves paired with the radiator. The metallic paint range is available in the following shades:

The metallic pewter finish is a lustrous cold grey finish with blue undertones. An example piece for this colour would be the 2 Column Cromwell Cast Iron Radiator available in heights of 580mm or 750mm in metallic pewter. Metallic pewter finish radiators look great when combined with a Rufford Traditional Manual Angled Pewter Valve whilst giving an ornate aesthetic.

Our anthracite metallic paint finish is a deep, coal-like grey. The Victorian Shelbourne Radiator (available in heights of 450mm , 645mm and 745mm) looks beautiful in metallic anthracite. For this finish colour would be an Eastbury Traditional Angled Textured Black Manual Valve with Sleeves. This combination leans into the early 20th century aesthetic of the Shelbourne radiator.

Our bronze metallic paints give a warm earthy-bronze tone for your radiator. What we recommend for this colour is a Knight 7 Column Radiator-these compact radiators are only available in a size of 350mm in metallic bronze. Add the Marvine Modern Manual Straight Antique Copper Radiator Valve for a compact statement piece for any room.

Our metallic silver paint finish is a bright, crisp and modern finish. One of the best examples of this finish is the Richmond Cast Iron Radiator. The Richmond is available in 450mm, 645mm , 760mm and 813mm varieties. To pair with this radiator we recommend the Duran Modern TRV Corner Satin Nickel Thermostatic Valve . The combinations of the radiator, the valve and the metallic silver paint gives your room a modern, sleek,industrial look.

The metallic gold paint finish is a fine radiant gold. This colour lends itself best to the intricacy of the Boleyn. The Boleyn cast iron radiator is available in 590mm and 790mm varieties. This heavily detailed radiator is a statement piece to any room when combined with the metallic gold finish. The best combination for this finish is the Arlington Lever Traditional Manual Angled old English Brass Radiator Valve as this accentuates the detail of the Boleyn and adds emphasis to the metallic gold paint whilst giving a quintessentially vintage look.

Our metallic copper colour is a vibrant auburn finish that pairs perfectly with the Narrow 2 Column Rook Radiator The Rook is available in 460mm , 660mm and 760mm. The best pairing for this product is the Flatford Traditional TRV Angled Antique Copper Thermostatic Radiator Valves which pairs superbly with the more vibrant radiator and adds contrast.

With all of our cast iron radiators, we recommend installing with our selection of Traditional Radiator Valves, matching Pipe Sleeve Kits and matching Radiator Wall Stays - for stability.

If you require any assistance with your purchase, or have a general enquiry, please contact us or call us on 02393 162 168

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