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Polished Finish Cast Iron Radiators

Polished Finish Cast Iron Radiators

A beautiful selection of Cast iron Radiators available in Polished Finish


Our polished finish radiators are an excellent statement piece for any room. To achieve this look we hand polish each section of our column radiators and we ensure a consistently sublime end product. The brand of your new radiator has a lot to do with the selection of polished finishes that you can pick from. We currently offer a polish on the majority of our branded and non-branded radiators. (At this time we currently do not offer a polish finish on MHS and Arroll branded radiators)

Our Own Brand Radiators are available with two varieties of polished lacquer.

Traditional : Our traditional polished finish. The way in which this finish is achieved is, the radiator is polished on the room facing side only, this has the benefit of being exceptionally cost efficient compared to other types of polish.

Full Bright Finish : This is when we polish the entire radiator, which provides you with a very bright surface and gives a consistent sheen around the whole radiator.

Our Paladin branded radiators offer four polished lacquers

Industrial: Our industrial polish gives a mid-20th century look by showing the natural features of the raw cast iron; it displays the natural patinas of the aged cast iron under our lacquer and makes a statement with its uncompromisingly industrial look.

Burnished: The burnishing process creates a muted, high quality and aged look which displays the high quality finish of the radiator without being overpowering.

Hand Polished: This is a traditional finish that gives a fantastic sheen to your radiator which would be a great addition to any room.

Mirror Polish: This process brings your radiator up to the brightest surface possible. Its iridescence makes it viable as a centrepiece for your room.

Our Carron Branded Radiators offer two polished finishes

Hand Burnished: This hand burnished finish will have a high degree of polishing through a ceramic abrasive process that is then buffed to give a result that is full of character.

Satin Polished Finish: The satin polish finish is created by using a ceramic abrasive process to burnish the columns. This is then polished to give it a subtle sheen and a timeless appeal.

The polished finishes on our Carron branded radiators Are Not lacquered as standard, if you would like to have a lacquer applied to our Carron polished radiators it is something that we can offer on a bespoke order basis. If this is something that interests you Please contact our sales team here

As our polished Carron radiators Do Not come with lacquer as standard, some maintenance is required. To maintain a Carron Satin Polished or Hand burnished cast iron radiator. Use wire wool or scotch brite as well as 3 in 1 or Duck oil to remove any rust that may have appeared on the radiatior. As well as this, every month the radiator will need to be oiled with a clean cloth and Duck or 3 in 1 oil. Moreover, we cannot recommend that these radiators are installed in high moisture environments as the moisture may damage the finish.

To keep your radiator looking its very best we recommend that you regularly maintain your radiator. This should be performed around every eight weeks. To maintain your radiator; you can take a soft cloth and use some sort of oil-based substance (for example WD 40, Linseed or Baby oil). The oil will provide a protective barrier from the oxygen in the air and will help prevent rusting or unsightly marks. Please make sure that the cloth that you use to maintain your radiator is soft to ensure that you can avoid causing scratches on the surface. if this process is not followed you are almost guaranteed to take the shine off of your polished cast radiator. This may cause blemishes or rust on the surface. In addition you should make sure that any soft cloth you use is dry as any moisture will also cause you challenges in the future.

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