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Cast Iron Radiators

Cast iron radiators are classic heating solutions that not only provide consistent warmth, but add a touch of timeless elegance and style to any space. Crafted from sturdy materials, cast iron radiators are durable and offer reliable heating for many years.

Types of Cast Iron Radiators

From traditional column cast iron radiators to ornate Victorian and Georgian styles, there's a cast iron radiator to suit every taste and interior preference. There are many different cast iron radiator colours too, from black cast iron radiators to white. You can choose from a selection of bespoke colour cast iron radiators to perfectly complement your home’s aesthetic.

Benefits of Cast Iron Radiators

  • Efficient Heating: Cast iron radiators distribute heat evenly throughout a room, ensuring maximum comfort during the colder months. Once heated, they continue to give warmth even after the heating system has been turned off.
  • Durability & Longevity: Built to last, cast iron radiators are incredibly robust and can withstand years of use without compromising performance.
  • Energy Efficient: With excellent heat retention properties, a cast iron radiator helps reduce energy consumption, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice.
  • Aesthetics: Beyond practicality, a cast iron radiator adds character and charm to any interior space, enhancing its overall appeal.
  • Versatile: Whether renovating a period property or adding a touch of vintage flair to a modern home, cast iron radiators effortlessly enhance any setting, adding a touch of sophistication with their classic designs.

Investing in a high-quality cast iron radiator offers many benefits, from efficient heating to timeless aesthetics. Browse our huge range of cast iron radiator options. You don't need to compromise and choose style or functionality, you can have both with a cast iron radiator.

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As a company we have been selling radiators online since 2002 and in 2011 we created our dedicated cast iron radiator website Cast Iron Radiators 4u. We have a wealth of experience and are fully focused on bringing you high quality radiators, at exceptionally good prices, whilst offering the very best in customer service.

Cast iron radiators have superior heat conductivity and are much more dense than steel radiators. They retain heat for longer than steel radiators so, while they take longer to heat up, they stay warmer for a lot longer than their steel counterparts.

Cast iron radiators were first developed in the mid 1800s and are such an effective and attractive way to heat your home, that they are still here today. Rather than reclaimed radiators often found in scrap yards, we offer an extensive range of brand new reproduction cast radiators, hand built and tested in the UK, all supplied with long warranties for your peace of mind. See exactly why Cast Iron radiators are superior to Steel.

If you are looking for a low-priced, high quality cast iron radiator we have a range of clearance cast rads, finished in primer and available for next day delivery. If you are looking for fully painted radiators, we can deliver our popular Georgian and Victorian cast iron radiators in just 7 working days, finished in one of ten metallic paint finishes. We have a wide range of additional paint finishes and effects, as well as hand polished and burnishing effects available, generally all delivered anywhere in the UK within three weeks.

Call our friendly expert team today for help and advice on your cast iron radiator purchase - 023 9316 2168

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Questions from our beloved customers

  • How do Cast Iron Radiators work?
    Cast iron radiators work by circulating hot water and steam through a series of interconnected pipes. The heat is then transferred to the surrounding air, warming the room.
  • Are Cast Iron Radiators efficient?
    Yes, cast iron radiators are known for their efficient heating and even heat distribution. Their dense material retains heat for longer periods, resulting in less energy wastage and consistent warmth for your home.
  • What are the pros and cons of Cast Iron Radiators?
    Cast iron radiators boast incredible durability and longevity, designed to last for many years. They have very efficient heating capabilities and a classic aesthetic to bring timeless elegance to your home. However, they are a heavier weight than some other radiators and often a higher initial cost, but the pros far outweigh the cons.
  • Are Cast Iron Radiators better than steel?
    Both cast iron radiators and steel radiators have their advantages and disadvantages. Cast iron is much heavier than steel, making it less practical to move around. However, this material does mean that cast iron radiators are extremely durable and strong. A cast iron radiator does take longer to heat up than a steel radiator, however, this also means cast iron radiators retain their heat for much longer. This makes cast iron radiators a great choice for reducing energy wastage and heating bills, but maintaining warmth.
  • What is the best Cast Iron Radiator?
    The best cast iron radiator depends on your specific needs and preferences, including size, style, and heating capacity. It's essential to consider factors such as your home's heating requirements and interior aesthetic, to choose the best cast iron radiator for you.
  • How to paint cast iron radiators?
    FAQ Image
    First, when choosing your paint it’s important to ensure it’s suitable for radiators and withstanding high temperatures. To paint cast iron radiators, clean the surface thoroughly and then apply a primer that’s suitable for metal surfaces. Once the primer is dry, apply several coats of paint evenly, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. It’s better to do several thin coats of paint rather than fewer thick coats. Allow your cast iron radiator to dry for a few hours.
  • How to clean cast iron radiators?
    Regular cleaning of cast iron radiators involves dusting the surface to remove any dirt or debris. For more thorough cleaning, use a mild detergent solution and a soft cloth to wipe down the radiator's exterior.
  • How long do cast iron radiators last?
    With proper maintenance, cast iron radiators can last for decades, if not longer. Their robust construction and durable material make them a long-term heating solution for any home.
  • Do cast iron radiators give out more heat?
    Cast iron radiators are known for their excellent heat retention properties, allowing them to emit consistent and efficient warmth for longer, compared to some other radiator types.
  • What size cast iron radiator do I need?
    The size of the cast iron radiator you need largely depends on the size of the room, the heat required, and the style you’d like. At Cast Iron Radiators 4u we have many different widths, heights and styles of cast iron radiator. Use our BTU calculator to easily work out the heat output you require and use this to determine the size of radiator you need.
  • Can cast iron radiators be used in modern homes?
    Yes, cast iron radiators can be used in modern homes. Their classic design adds a touch of elegance to any interior, and they are compatible with modern heating systems.

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