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As a company we have been selling radiators online since 2002 and in 2011 we created our dedicated cast iron radiator website Cast Iron Radiators 4u. We have a wealth of experience and are fully focused on bringing you high quality radiators, at exceptionally good prices, whilst offering the very best in customer service.

Cast iron radiators were first developed in the mid 1800s and are such an effective and attractive way to heat your home, that they are still here today. Rather than reclaimed radiators often found in scrap yards, we offer an extensive range of brand new reproduction cast radiators, hand built and tested in the UK, all supplied with long warranties for your peace of mind.

If you are looking for a low-priced, high quality cast iron radiator we have a range of clearance cast rads, finished in primer and available for next day delivery. If you are looking for fully painted radiators, we can deliver our popular Georgian and Victorian cast iron radiators in just 7 working days, finished in one of ten metallic paint finishes. We have a wide range of additional paint finishes and effects, as well as hand polished and burnishing effects available, generally all delivered anywhere in the UK within three weeks.

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Cast Iron Radiators 4u

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A bit about Cast Iron Radiators

A traditional style of sectional radiator; each section is mould cast in a foundry and these sections are then joined together to form the larger radiator.

  • They come in a wide range of finishes, including an untreated polished state.
  • The Most popular options are antiqued, highlighted or painted finishes. An unlacquered polish finishes require frequent oiling to prevent rusting - it all depends on the look you want.
  • An obvious choice for a traditionally decorated home, but some of our customers have used the plain styles in vivid colours to great effect.
  • Their weight means they are exclusively floor mounted.
  • There are many different moulds available. From simple designs, reminiscent of the radiators you may have seen in school, to highly detailed and ornate castings.

Versatility and Longevity

  • Our cast iron radiators come in a range of depths, widths and heights.
  • You will rarely see one over a metre in height due to weight restrictions. It is easy to make the radiator wider, it just requires adding more sections. Obviously, weight is still a considerations so you will rarely have one over two metres wide.
  • Some have columns, some don't.
  • They are slightly slower to heat up, because of the amount of metal, but once fully hot they will stay hot longer than many lighter weight solutions. They are considered to have very high heat output.
  • Cast iron radiators are designed to achieve better seals as they age. As the interior of the radiator reacts with the water, a residue is formed which provides an additional, interior, seal between the joins.


  • Delivery is free across some ranges of radiator - a great deal considering the weight of the radiators. As a result of this weight, and to make your (and you installation engineers) life easier, our cast iron radiators are often delivered in manageable pieces. These are then joined together on-site. Delivering a fully assembled radiator would not only make delivery extremely expensive and difficult but handling the radiator and installing it once received would be extremely difficult.
  • For our accessories, delivery is free on everything over 100 inc VAT. Next working day delivery is normally available too.

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