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2 Column Cast Iron Radiators

Timeless 2 Column Cast Iron Radiators

Our 2 Column Cast Iron Radiators are a timeless and iconic choice for all traditional and contemporary homes. Cast Iron Radiators are one of our most popular types of radiators and their manufacturing process has barely changed over the last 200 years. This is due to them being one of the best radiators in terms of durability and heat retention to date, keeping your rooms warmer for longer.

2 Column Cast Iron Radiators are the ideal choice for anyone wanting a long lasting and efficient radiator that occupies significantly less space than other larger cast iron radiators whilst still having a significant heat output. These radiators are perfect for smaller rooms and narrow hallways where situating a large radiator would be impractical. However we do stock these in an assortment of sizes and heat outputs granting you the option of selecting the right size and BTU requirement to heat any space effectively.

Although there has been little change in the manufacturing process of cast iron radiators, the styles have expanded and grown to meet the latest fashions and trends over the past couple of centuries.

Our Victorian range includes our most popular 2 column cast iron radiator, the Rook 2 Column Victorian Cast Iron Radiator. The Rook range adds a traditional aesthetic to any home due to its elegant and classic design. We also have many other popular styles like our ornate Baroque Classique 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator, our classic Royal Georgian 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator and our old school Harcourt 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator.

All of our ranges seamlessly complement a wide assortment of interiors and all have a selection of finishes ranging from our basic primer finish to our dazzling metallic finishes and a current favourite our Heritage Farrow & Ball finishes.

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