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Cast Iron Radiators

High Quality, Low Cost, Cast iron Radiators.

Designed and built by us here in the UK. Based on many years in the business, we know what works and what doesn't. We've made a range of radiators that suit any budget and any style - From low cost, simple radiators to luxury, ornate ones designed to make a striking, visual impact. They are an obvious choice for a traditionally decorated home or room but used in the right way they also look amazing in a more contemporary setting.

With 24 ranges of high quality cast iron radiators, we are confident that you will find one that you'll love. For an ornate, decorative cast iron radiator, we would suggest either the Rochester, Baroque Classique or Libellula radiators, and for a more simple design, we suggest our Shelbourne, Richmond or Georgian design of radiators.

Considerations generally limit the height to around 1 metre. Width is generally limited to 2 metres. Of course, the overall dimensions of the radiator is what counts - weight, height and depth, so these are just guidelines. The model of radiator also is a factor. If you are unsure about what you need for your particular installation, get in touch. Our cast iron radiators are only available as floor mounted units, again, this is a weight consideration - there aren't many walls that could handle it. This weight does have a major benefit though, once hot, they will stay hot for much longer compared to radiators made of other types of metal (once the central heating is turned off). They are considered to be high heat output radiators.

We suggest that all Cast Iron Radiator installations have wall stays fitted, as well as high quality traditional radiator valves and matching sleeve kits

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