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Special Paint Cast Iron Radiators

A beautiful selection of Cast iron Radiators available in Special Paint

Our Special Paint finish is an excellent option for our Cast Iron Radiators. The Special Paint finish category consists of two types of finishes: the Arroll Aged finish, which are available on our Arroll Branded Radiators. The other finish range we offer is the Carron Effect finishes which are available on some selected Own Brand Radiators and all Carron Branded Radiators.

Arroll Aged

This Arroll aged finish is a premium option for your Cast Iron Radiators, this finish is available primarily in six colours; Aged Bronze, French Grey, Silver, Aged Brass, Pearl Beige and White. This variety of colours is best suited for Ornate Cast Iron Radiators as the base coat of paint is washed with a darker thin paint to bring out the intricate details in the cast iron. This style of paint is a great accompaniment for those who enjoy a vintage look for their Cast Iron Radiator. For more colour combinations please contact our Sales Team who can arrange your preferred finish.

If you enjoy this range of finishes please make sure to check out our range of Antique Finishes.

Carron Effect

These Carron finishes are a brilliant option for a new Cast Iron Radiator. There are two Carron effect finishes, firstly there is the Chrome effect finish which is a shining metallic finish which would look excellent on our Empire 2 Column range of radiators as the bright chrome colour pairs exceptionally well with the detailed construction of the radiator giving the raised sections pronounced definition. We also offer a Pewter Lustre finish which is a darker and more industrial tone. This finish looks incredible on our fantastic Art Deco range of radiators.

For more information please consult our Buying Guides or if you need any more specialist advice please feel free to contact our Friendly Sales Team.

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