Radiators 4U Paint Finishes

Please view the available colours & finishes below. Choose to have a colour / special finish using the dropdown above, and our helpful sales team will be in touch after your purchase to confirm your colour or special finish choice(s).

Primer Finish

A primer finish is a protective layer that cast iron radiators are coated with at the time of manufacture. Different manufacturers use different colour primers but black, white and grey are the most popular choices. The primer layer not only protects the radiators from oxidisation but provide a good surface to subsequent paints to bond to. While not common place some people do leave radiators in their primer finishes once installed. With our own brand radiators we are happy to provide either white or black primer finished radiators at no extra cost. Our Georgian Range comes with Grey Primer as standard - Black & White Primer is available at an extra cost - please call our sales team on 023 9316 2168 for more information.

What metallic finishes do you offer?

Metallic colours are the most popular range of finishes we have available, in part due to their 7 day delivery lead time. When ordering choose the RAL Paint/metallic Finish option and we will contact you to confirm your choice. These august colours complement a wide range of colour schemes. To be entirely certain that you get the best possible colour match, you can order a colour swatch from us.

Metallic PewterNatural CastAnthraciteOld PennyMetallic BronzeOld GoldPale GoldMetallic GoldMetallic CopperMetallic Silver
Can I specify my own colour choice?

With our customised cast iron radiator colour service we can finish any cast iron radiator in a colour to suit your exact requirements. You may have decorated to a specific colour scheme or wish to accent some part of your theme by contrasting against a larger area like a radiator. If provided with a RAL or BS number for the colour you require, we can mix an exact match for you. Alternatively you can supply us with a colour swatch and we will generate the appropriate matching colour. This type of customisation has been put to great effect many times in creating a masterfully decorated room.

Do you do Farrow & Ball colours?

The Farrow & Ball historical range is an ever popular source for inspiration for home renovators. So in turn we offer the full range of Farrow & Ball historical colours to you. Please note that due to variations in the output colour of monitors we strongly recommend ordering a colour swatch from us. The eggshell finish is used for an authentic historical flat finish. We are also able to supply in a full gloss finish, a 20% gloss finish and a full Matt finish. Our sales team will be in touch to confirm your choice.

All WhiteWimbourne WhitePointingJames WhiteClunchShaded WhiteWhite TieNew WhiteMatchstickStringSavage GroundCordTallowRingwold GroundHouse WhiteFarrow's CreamCreamCat's PawDimityJoa's WhiteArchiveOxford StoneLondon StoneSmoked TroutSlipper SatinLime WhiteOff-WhiteOld WhiteLight GrayMouse's BackWevetStrong WhiteAmmoniteCornforth WhitePurbeck StoneMole's BreathStony GroundFawnBoneFrench GrayHardwick WhiteLamp Room GrayBlackenedDimpsePavilion GrayMizzleBlue GrayPigeonSkimming StoneElephant's BreathDove TaleCharleston GrayLondon ClayBrinjalGreat WhiteMiddleton PinkCinder RosePink GroundSetting PlasterDead SalmonCalamineNancy's BlushesRadicchioRed EarthPicture Gallery RedIncarnadineRectory RedEating Room RedBook Room RedTerre D'EgypteCharlotte's LocksBlazerPale HoundDayroom YellowYellowcakeCitronYellow GroundBaboucheHound LemonHayDorset CreamSudbury YellowPrint Room YellowIndia YellowTunsgate GreenGreen GrzsoundCooking Apple GreenBall GreenOliveStudio GreenChurlish GreenBreakfast Room GreenCalke GreenCastle GrayCard Room GreenGreen SmokeVert De TerreLichenTeresa's GreenDix BlueChappell GreenArsenicCabbage WhitePavilion BluePale PowderGreen BlueOval Room BlueStone BlueBorrowed LightSkylightLight BlueParma GrayLulworth BlueCook's BlueBlue GroundSt Giles BluePitch BlueDrawing Room BlueStiffkey BlueHague BlueCallunaBrassicaPeltManor House GrayPlummettDown PipeMahoganyTanner's BrownRailingsBlack BlueOff-BlackPitch Black
Do you do RAL Paint Finishes?

You can choose any RAL paint finish you desire.
When ordering a RAL paint finish option we will contact you to confirm your RAL choice. Please be aware that metallic and pearl RAL colours are very hard to depict on a monitor or in print, you should obtain an accurate paint sample of any RAL finish you intend to use.

We are able to supply RAL finishes in an Eggshell finish, as well as a full gloss finish, a 20% gloss finish and a full Matt finish. Our sales team will be in touch to confirm your choice.

We have picked some of the more popular RAL colours below for your convenience, to view the entire RAL colour chart, please click "View Full RAL Colour Chart" below.

You offer an "Antiqued" finish, what is that?
The Antiqued service is a special finish applied to paint and metallic finishes. Its effect is more noticeable on radiators with an ornate style, although it still provides a subtle effect on the plainer styles. The effect is achieved by applying a base colour to the radiator which is allowed to cure; a secondary coat is applied, normally in a dark or light colour, and then this is washed off. The resulting finish has a strong presence of the base colour and parts where there are deeper crevices have stronger hints of the secondary colour. It is possible to specify both colours, although the resulting effect can often be different to desired finish and so expectations should be kept realistic. Below are some images of defined and popular finishes; you might find the Antique Pewter of particular interest as it is often a cheaper, less maintenance intensive, substitute for a polished finished.

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You offer a "Highlight" finish, what is that?

With our fantastic highlighting service, you can add something extra to your cast iron radiator. Offering truly dramatic results, this finish is an amazing way to make your cast iron radiator a feature piece of any room. You can choose any paint/metallic colour for a base finish, then have it highlighted with bright copper, rich gold or striking pewter. All in all the highlight finish is a very special effect that will transform any detailed radiator into a masterpiece.

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What are traditional and full polish finishes?

Our cast iron radiators can be polished to perfection with a hand polishing service. This brings yet another dimension to our already extensive finish choices. Our custom service provides you with an antique polish look on your desired radiator. A clever way to add contrast to finely detailed radiators by accentuating raised sections with a brighter polish. The resulting finish is magnificent and perfect for those rooms that require a real eye catching centre piece. All polished radiators require regular (every 6 to 8 weeks) maintenance to prevent them from rusting. This is as simple as using a polishing cloth to apply an oil barrier. You can use WD40, Linseed oil or even baby oil. There are two types of polish service available: Traditional polish - polished on the facing side only, this finish has the benefit of being easier to maintain by ensuring that the wall facing edge keeps it primer finish; Full polish - the entire radiator here is polished, meaning regular maintenance will be required over the entire radiator. Below are some images to represent a polished finish.

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I have a polished radiator and there is a rust spot, what should I do?

First, don't worry yourself, a rust spot can be easily worked out. You can simply buff out small rust blemishes with a soft dry cloth lightly sprayed with oil (WD40, linseed or baby). It is important to use a soft cloth here as anything abrasive will dull your polished finish. It is essential that the cloth be dry as additional moisture on the radiator will encourage rusting.

What are Lacquered finishes?

Our cast iron radiators are also available in 6 popular lacquered finishes. The radiators are first polished to a reflective finish and then coated in a durable, coloured lacquer coating - ensuring that your radiator remains protected for years to come, while looking great doing so.

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What is a joining key and will I need one?

Joining keys are required if the overall radiator length would overhang a standard pallet. In this case the radiator will be built into smaller, more manageable segments that will fit on a pallet.

The joining key can be used to join these smaller segments into the overall radiator. All required parts for joining will be supplied, such as caps, bushes and gaskets. We advise that joining radiators, where required, is carried out by a qualified installer.

We supply a refundable joining key for our radiators. When ordering a radiator, we will offer you the option of a joining key if it is required. We will ensure you do not order more joining keys than are required.